April 22, 2014

My imagination

I wasn't sure about the title of this post but after reading the whole post I hope you will get it! So what's about?
This idea was for a very long time in my mind. I finally got the right pair of jeans and the colours for textile (yeah!)  I wanted to apply the dripping technique. You probably heard about Jackson Pollock, American painter and member of the abstract expressionist movement who used the drip technique. Some of his major works (and my favorites) are Cathedral, Full Fathom Five, MuralSummertime: Number 9A, Number 5, Number 1... I am allways thrilled when I go to Venice and see his Alchemy in Peggy Guggenheim Museum. 

So the process of dripping was real fun, it was done in 15 minutes. You can apply it on linen bags, shirts and more jeans of course (got some plans already).
All you need is: 
  • a pair of (old) jeans
  • colours for textile (in small package)
  • old paper or nylon
  • 3-5 brushes (depends on how many colours you want to apply)
  • (plastic) glasses
  • water
  • iron and linen cloth 

Put your jeans on wide spread nylon or old papers so there won't be unnecessary dripping around the room. The colours that you use for textile aren't so liquid so before applying it, mix a little bit of chosen colour with water in glass so that the colour can drip from the brush. Use separate glasses for each colour. And you are ready to start. Take the brush and let your imagination out! 

 I applied the colours on only one (front) side of jeans.

After the process the colours need to dry up for a couple of hours (if you do the both sides of jeans the colour on one side must be dried up when you apply the colour on the other side). Then you put the linen cloth on coloured part and iron it.  

I have to admit it they do look great!
And the next post is me, wearing it! 

p.s. My cousin called this work of art Fantasy. (ahha)

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy the week!


  1. This is such an amazing and creative project, well done, looks terrific! Thanks for your support over at mine, hope you're having a great week so far!

  2. this is so cute :) I have a new outfit post on my blog and I would die if you could check it out and give me some feedback <3 have a great wednesday! (follow for follow? comment if you do :))

    xoxo chloewithadash.blogspot.com

  3. Forte questa idea, bel risultato!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  4. Thanks for your kind visit, hope you're having a wonderful weekend.