February 05, 2014

Like it or not/What is trend?

It is tricky when you talk about trend. I always say that my closet is my trend. As an explanation goes: maxi coats, wide-leg trousers, blazers, boots etc. (I will stop here so you don't misjudge me, ahhah). 
It's my thing and I like it. I admit I wear them no matter what trend it is obviously. Am I crazy? 
I would never give up my coats no matter what. I mean it even if Karl says otherwise.
Recenly I read an interview with Kirsten Stewart on Style.com. Cool lady, I may say. And she doesn't like peplums and high heel boots. Me too. 
Or you may think I own too many staff so probably something from it is going to be in vogue next season or in five years. Maybe.

Coat: Jil Sander for Uniqlo
Brooch: handmade by someone
Sweater: United Colors of Benetton
Trousers: Sisley
Boots: Catarina Martins

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